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Trinity Sling Cements Role as Rigging Information Leader with Sales Training Program
Construction Crane

In recent months Trinity Sling has begun an ambitious sales training program to equip its sales representatives with the latest products and industry innovations from chosen suppliers of specialty wire rope, general purpose wire rope and strand, synthetic rope, lifting devices, rigging hardware, fall protection, and architectural cable railing.

During the course of the training, the sales team met with representatives from several different suppliers. The team examined in depth both the various products Trinity Sling distributes and the latest information on new product designs and product introductions/changes that could affect its customers.

The Trinity sales team made sure they understood the customer implications of sourcing, design, new introductions, and potential new applications for existing inventory that they may not have considered previously. The representatives kindly supplied a wealth of detail and information to ensure Trinity’s rigging customers are current on updates and to continue a good working relationship for mutual benefit.

Trinity Sling is particularly interested in staying abreast of rigging product knowledge and new rigging developments, as Trinity is devoted to being the rigging house to call with questions concerning many different industries: construction, manufacturing, pressure pumping and hydraulic fracing, fall protection, tower and wind energy, highway guard rail, geosynthetics, cargo, and architectural railing.

Because Trinity Sling supplies lifting, moving, and securing products that serve a wide, dynamic industrial customer base, its suppliers are equally diverse. Below is a partial, broad listing of rigging solutions these companies supply Trinity (in chronological training order):

  • Caldwell (Lifting solutions)—Industrial lifting devices like Strong-Bac® below hook lifters, Univac® vacuum lifters, Posi-turner® load rotation equipment, Mill-Duty Heavy and Severe Lifter spreader beams, and other lifting solutions.
  • Deacero—General purpose wire rope, imported wire rope, tubing line, sand line, and drill line, both imported (Deacero) and domestic (Washington Wire Rope). All Washington Wire Rope products are manufactured domestically in Houston, Texas in an API-9A and API-Specification Q1-certified and ISO 9001:2008-compliant production facility.
  • Yale—Many synthetic rope choices, including Ultrex™, Yalex, Double Esterlon™, Kernmaster™, Fortis2 Sling, and Yale LOUPS for multiple industrial applications, including pressure pumping, utility line, hydraulic fracturing, manufacturing, etc.
  • Gunnebo Johnson—Blocks and associated lifting hardware, including: crane blocks, overhaul balls, swivels, wedge sockets, snatch blocks, oilfield blocks, travelling blocks, tilt wall blocks, bale blocks, and wire rope sheaves. Gunnebo Johnson also provides Trinity with GrabiQ™ alloy chain sling multifunction components.
  • Magna—Lifting devices for many industrial applications, including chain hoists, lever hoists, wire rope pullers, beam trolleys, and beam clamps.
  • Columbus McKinnon (CM)—General rigging hardware & electric hoists, plate clamps, Master Link and Grade 100 domestic chain, Herc-Alloy® chain and Herc-Alloy® chain rigging products. CM also supplies Trinity with Transportation Chain and attachments, including cluster assemblies for towing and load and lever binders for heavy hauling. Additionally, CM provides Trinity Sling with hardware, such as shackles, turnbuckles, wire rope clips, hooks, sockets, swivels, and thimbles.
  • Van Beest—Green Pin®, Excel®, and other rigging materials including hooks, shackles, swivels, wire rope clips, turnbuckles, sockets, and thimbles.
  • Verope—Specialty wire rope for crane applications, including Verotop, Veropro, and Veropower. Recommended for use on Comansa, Demag, Kone, Liebherr, Soilmec, Tadano, and Terex equipment.
  • Associated Wire Rope and Rigging (RopeBlock)—Blocks for construction and industrial uses, including fast reeve crane blocks, standard reeve crane blocks, overhaul balls, overhead crane blocks, snatch blocks, tilt wall blocks, construction blocks, and equalizer blocks. Other components available include sheaves, hooks, latches, swivels, and sockets. Recommended for use on Liebherr equipment, among others.

Trinity Sling’s sales team has built a wealth of knowledge and experience over decades spent helping our customers take care of their rigging business:

  • Trinity helps many manufacturers streamline production processes with appropriate blocks, beams, wire rope, chain, and end fittings with little downtime. 
  • Among Trinity’s satisfied hydraulic fracturing and oilfield customers are outfits located in Dallas/Fort Worth, Eagle Ford Shale, Permian Basin, Niobrara Shale, Barnett Shale, Marcellus Shale, Alberta, and British Columbia. Trinity provides Gangline™ iron restraint systems, sand line, drill line, tubing line, and various means to rig-up and rig-down quickly and easily.
  • Trinity provides synthetic straps and their fittings, as well, to ensure worry-free movement. Trinity Sling’s lifting solutions enable its customers to lift and move extremely heavy cargo as necessary at the speed and with the facility the customers require.
  • Trinity Sling provides fall protection equipment and associated cables for tower and wind energy workers nationwide when customers have lifting situations that require non-chain or cable lifting equipment, as with locomotives or rolls of plastic.
  • Trinity provides architectural (or cable) railing systems, as well, for both large-scale commercial and also residential customers. From tilt-wall surrounds to porches and stairwells, Trinity makes the railing systems look sharp and professional while building them to customer requirements.

Trinity Sling has many solutions to suit the lifting, moving, and securing business needs for companies in many industries. Call 1-877-589-2404 today to place an order or learn more about how Trinity can help your business grow.


January 9, 2017

Secure Loads in Winter Weather with Trinity Sling Tiedown Equipment

A well-secured load is critical in all types of weather, but winter temperatures can wreak havoc on drivers and cargo alike, causing life-threatening situations when loads aren’t tied down properly.  Unfortunate unsuspecting drivers on the road in Pittsburgh recently had to dodge the results of improper load securement, as a clip from CBS Pittsburgh’s KDKA TV illustrates:

Trinity Sling takes great care to ensure its customers, unlike the poor driver that lost this reel, get the tiedown equipment they need to move heavy and unwieldy loads securely: ratchet straps, boomer chain, and load binders. With the appropriate straps and chain our customers have the tools to make sure they transport their cargo to their intended destination according to their specifications. We help our customers stop traffic with their service, not their reels rolling in the middle of the highway.

Give Trinity Sling a call at 1-877-589-2404 to see how we can help your business lift, move, and secure your cargo and keep your assets where you need them: working for you.


Trinity Sling Trains Salesforce on UHF Tags and Mobile RFID Tag Information Access in Infochip Training

RFID tag technology is not new, but Trinity Sling and many other businesses adopted it early in its roll-out, recognizing the need for a small, durable way to tag hard-to-catalog equipment used in industrial, rugged environments to make purchasing, allocating, and certification more accurate.  The tags may be inserted as the product is assembled, applied with durable epoxy, attached with metal bands, or in some cases welded directly to ensure that regardless of the rugged usage situation, the technology will work and counts will be correct.

Both Infochip HF tags (initial RFID tags) and Infochip UHF tags are designed to function after exposure to extreme temperatures, chemicals, grit, oil, and other influences that destroy traditional inventory tags.

UHF tags are replacing HF tags in certain oil and gas, manufacturing, and construction applications, as the read range of the UHF is longer than that of HF readers, enabling

  • Fast reading of multiple assets with one swipe of the reader, speeding the logging of large quantities of assets

  • Access to chips/product information that is otherwise unreadable, hard to reach, or completely inaccessible

  • Increased functionality of the Infochip mobile application for asset inspection and tracking

Our salesforce has been trained that for most applications, UHF tags are the future of asset tracking.  With increased, improved UHF tag technology range, we can now satisfy our customers with a tested product for a workplace that is notoriously difficult, whether it’s a filthy warehouse, an oily drilling pad, a sandy military base, or a Canadian sub-zero winter.

Our salesforce was also trained on the Infochip mobile asset tracking system.  With this system they can perform field inspections and upload the results to our customers’ Infochip accounts, enabling Trinity’s customers nearly instantly to see certification, inventory updates, and accurate accounting.

Customers may use the system for asset management and tracking, as well.  Once they log in on or, their inventory appears, and they may manage their large equipment and other assets, check upcoming dates for individual item/system recertification, or set preferences for email reminders on upcoming inspection needs.

Scanned assets are automatically entered into system inventory, minimizing paperwork and errors, and customers may search by asset number or serial number to check a specific item. Customers may also generate reports from the data, simplifying month-end or year-end inventory while improving accuracy, which is ideal for all businesses, from sole proprietorships to multinational companies. The Infochip mobile asset tracking system is suitable for all industries, but it is particularly well developed for managing and tracking overhead lifting, safety, and oilfield and gas fracing assets.

Trinity is fully trained and updated on Infochip’s cloud-based, mobile system and its attendant UHF tag changes. To learn more about a workflow analysis of your business and how Trinity and Infochip can lower your costs, increase inventory accuracy, and provide real-time information, contact Trinity Sling at 877-589-2404.




Columbus McKinnon Vendor Changes a Win for Trinity Sling

Recently Columbus McKinnon terminated its relationship with Grainger, a broad-ranged vendor of industrial supplies, and pledged to support Trinity Sling as an authorized distributor of Columbus McKinnon (CM) products in specific, tangible ways, pledging its fidelity to Trinity as a vendor of choice/channel partner in the markets we serve (see attached).

Columbus McKinnon’s faithfulness is well-merited, for Trinity Sling has proven time and again that it is responsive, reliable, and able to meet customer needs in the affected construction, manufacturing, and oilfield industries. Trinity’s rigging is carefully tested and used across a wide variety of industries. We have supplied these areas for many years with high quality rigging.  As CM transitions to a traditional distributor relationship with Trinity for its former Grainger customers Trinity is excited to provide them with our extensive expert knowledge on usage and our high level of service. At Trinity we are ready to help former Grainger customers with solutions for hoists, chain hoists, electric hoists, shackles and other lifting hardware.  Trinity also stocks and ships lifting chain and tie-down chain all over the world to meet customer deadlines.

In addition to these and other offerings for oilfield, manufacturing, and construction Trinity also sells fall protection products such as harnesses and shock absorbing lanyards for tower, wind energy, and many other applications; and barrier strand and terminators for highway and guardrail use on many types of roads.  Trinity is known for dependable, on-time rigging, and we look forward to the opportunity to work more closely with Columbus McKinnon to deepen our relationship and take care of new customers we may have the privilege of meeting through our partnership.

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